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In our practice the care of our patients and their safety is of most importance. In light of the recent covid-19 pandemic we have added several protocols to deliver oral health in an environment that feels safe and is safe for both our staff and our patients.


Here are some of the elements and protocols we have added for your protection.


  • Surgical Clean Air hospital grade whole office air purifier

  • Front area, back office and individual operatories have air purifiers with Hepa filters and uv light technology and aerosol capturing vacuums

  • All clinical staff will be wearing KN95 or Level 3 masks at all times while treating patients

  • All patients are screened for any covid 19 symptoms and contact with covid positive persons. Any patients not feeling well or having been in contact with active covid-positive patients will be rescheduled 4 wks out for your safety, the safety of our staff, and their safety as well.

  • Sneeze guards are installed at the front office for patient and staff protection

  • The front area is disinfected after every patient leaves the office

  • The bathroom will be disinfected after every person use

  • All patients are asked to clean their hands with hand sanitizer or wash at the sink upon arrival

  • Patients are brought to the waiting area one at a time and are kindly asked to wait in their cars or outside until ready to be brought back to their treatment room

  • Patients are asked to please not come accompanied by another adult unless a minor, or special needs.

  • Removed all magazine, toys and unnecessary items from the reception room.


  • Patients’ mouth are rinsed with ozonated water at the beginning and end of each procedure

  • At this time all dental cleanings will be manual scaling only to reduce the aerosols produced


We will continue to update this page as protocols change or improve.


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