Nutrition Therapy

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What if you could impact not only the health of your teeth and gums but also your bones, skin, immune system, mood, and much more with something as simple as the food on your plate?

With nutrition therapy, you can!

Targeted, individualized nutrition support is an excellent tool for anyone interested in taking an active role in their health and supporting their body through whole foods and nutritional supplements.

Nutrition therapy is especially effective in supporting:

• Blood sugar regulation
• Weight loss and fitness goals
• Digestive support and leaky gut
• Allergies and inflammation
• Autoimmune conditions
• Bone and teeth health
• Improving energy and mood
• Healthy sleep and stress management
• Detoxification and general wellbeing


Our Integrative Approach

We believe that healthy teeth and healthy bodies start with the food on your plate. By making healthy dietary decisions, you can support your long-term and short-term health and fitness goals. Good food supports your overall well-being, energy and mood, and can minimize existing symptoms.

Nutrition is an excellent adjunct to approaching and addressing health concerns (or minimizing risk of future health issues) and we encourage you to add whole foods and targeted nutrition recommendations to your health journey!

Jessie Black NC, our on-site certified nutritionist, has a background in integrative nutrition and tailors her recommendations to every individual. A graduate of Bauman College's nutrition program, she is in the process of completing her M.S. in Nutrition and Integrative Health.

We believe that there is no single dietary approach that is ideal for every person. Rather, your individual and cultural background, medical history, personal health goals, and dietary preferences are ESSENTIAL to crafting the best plan for you. Our needs and preferences change over time, so we want to give you the tools, education, and resources to create long-lasting and sustainable habits that support your own unique needs.

Benefits of Nutrition Therapy

• Learn to select foods that nourish your body
• Gain the confidence to navigate the dietary fads and shopping aisle ads with ease!
• Find whole foods and supplements to provide targeted support for health conditions or symptoms
• Discover how to make delicious and healthy meals that satisfy your tastebuds - no need to choose between healthy and happy!
• Improved energy, mood, body image, and health!

Curious to learn more?

We offer a short complementary nutrition consultation for any patients interested in learning more about nutrition.

This allows us to learn about your individual goals and assess how nutrition therapy can support you in reaching them - give our office a call or email to schedule your complementary consult!


What to Expect

You already have a great deal of experience and knowledge about food (even if you don't think so yet!) - we are here to fill in the gaps and support your nutritional journey!

To this end, we offer a variety of support, including:

  • Meal plans and help designing menu ideas
  • Recipes and templates for nutritious meals
  • Shopping tips and support for improving food value
  • Guidance decoding and navigating nutrition labels and menus
  • Targeted food recommendations for addressing nutrient deficiencies or supporting treatment of health concerns
  • Customized detoxification and elimination diets
  • Dietary analysis for nutritional balance and deficiencies
  • Therapeutic whole food and/or supplement recommendations to support health
  • Feedback, guidance, and supportfor your own specific nutrition and health concerns

With your own goals and needs in mind, Jessie will work with you to create a customized plan that offers you the support you need to reach your objectives. 

Our goal is not to give you a meal plan for the day or the week - -Our goal is to support you with the confidence and resources to prepare and select nourishing meals for the rest of your life!


Community Nutrition Workshops

We are passionate and excited about nutrition and the healing benefits of natural and whole foods.

Whether or not Nutrition Therapy is the next step for you, we strongly encourage you to sign up for our office's Nutrition Workshop notification list.

Workshop topics are different every time and have included group detox programs, cooking demonstrations, shopping tips, nutritional approaches to GERD and autoimmunity, and dietary support for bone and teeth health. Delicious, organic, seasonal, and nutritious food is included!


Mercury Detoxification Support

For patients seeking nutritional support in preparing for amalgam removal, we offer nutrition therapy and an office mercury detoxification protocol. 

This involves a review of dietary and lifestyle habits as well as therapeutic supplement recommendations in order to:

  • Maximize your body's ability to gently and naturally detoxify from heavy metal exposure
  • Support healthy liver and GI function
  • Improve natural chelation and elimination of mercury from the body
  • Boost immune function in preparation for amalgam removal
  • Reduce or eliminate additional burdens to your immune system in your diet and environment
  • Minimize symptoms associated with mercury exposure and boost overall health and vitality through whole foods and targeted supplementation

If you are interested in nutritional detoxification in preparation for your amalgam replacements, please reach out to our office to schedule a visit with our nutritionist, Jessie.

We recommend going through this protocol a month or so before you replace your amalgam fillings for maximum benefit, but it can support your health and detoxification at any stage.

Want to learn more?

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