Health Tips

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Our patients frequently ask what they can do at home to improve their dental and overall well-being. We are happy that our patients take an active role in their ongoing health and will do what we can to provide you with tools and knowledge to keep your teeth and gums strong, your smile vibrant, and your body healthy, as naturally as possible!  

Please select from a topic below to learn more (we will be adding more to this section, so check back periodically for further updates). Even better, let us know about a topic you would like us to discuss from a holistic, nutritional and dental perspective.

Oil Pulling: An easy way to care for your gums and health at home.

Buying Healthy Food: Shopping tips for selecting delicious and nutritious foods.

Labelling Lingo: Decoding labels on meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy to understand what your options are at the grocery store.

Organic: What, Why, How & When?: This article explains what is defined as organic, how to recognize organic options, and when the difference between organic and conventional is most important.

Acid Reflux - Natural Remedies: Easy home-care tips for avoiding, reducing, and addressing acid reflux and heartburn. Includes simple recipes to support healthy digestion.

Essential Oils for Oral Health: A list of a few of the best essential oils to support a healthy smile.

Nutrients for Strong Teeth: The most important minerals and vitamins to support healthy teeth and bones.


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